A multitude of treasured specialty items including the framing and archiving of diplomas/certificates, sports jackets, vintage clothing, embroidery, needlepoint, newspaper articles, drawings, paintings, watercolors, block print etchings, charcoal drawings, historical documents and photography.


  • Framing Styles
  • Art By Howell Schmidt
    Oil on Board
    Oil paint
    Frame by Decor Molding

    Still Life
    Size may vary, please call
  • Acrylic on Board
    Omega Molding

    "The Holy Trinity" by Andrei Rubleu
    Please call for pricing
  • Gold Leaf Frame
    Double Mat (Acid Free)
    Decor Molding

    Certificate Ordination to the Sacred Priesthood
    Please call for Pricing
  • Water color
    Single Mat
    Decor Moling

    Water Color (Local Westfield Artist)
    Please call for pricing
  • Multi-Windows
    Single Mat (Acid Free)
    Crescent: Mat Board
    Decor: Molding

    Multi-Windows Single Mat
    Please call for pricing


  • Molding & Frame Styles
  • Gold Leaf Contemporary Classic Frame
  • Mahogany Frame
  • White - Decor Molding


  • Preservation Work
  • Framing Sealing tape
  • Sealing tape info

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